So its been a while since I’ve done a chatty post so here are ten things I’ve been up to or loving this last month. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂 

1. We have moved! Me and Dave have finally moved into or own home. Its been the most chaotic and overwhelming week but we are finally all settles and its starting tor really feel like a home now.  I have started a whole home blog series and the second instalment will be coming soon. We have some work being done at the weekend so I will be able to share all that with you too.

2. I went to my first Comic Con! I had such great time at Wales Comic Con despite the weather. I loved the whole process of making my own outfit and getting ready on the day. It was also lovely to meet so many other people who were a fan of Once Upon A Time and complementing my outfit.

3. I’ve started doing Yoga at home for 15 minutes every day when I get in from work. At the moment I am no where near as good as the youtube videos I watch (i can’t even touch my toes with my legs straight!) but we all have to start somewhere. At the moment it seems like a struggle and I don't see the relaxation benefits of it yet. But I’m sure as soon as my core muscles get stronger I will be a able to relax into the poses a bit more. 

4. Ive been getting outdoors so much more since we moved house and its been great for my mental wellbeing. I walk to and from work everyday and then take Tinkerbell out for walks in the evening. Its been great to just de stress from the day and take some time out. It also helps that all my neighbours have such amazing and beautiful gardens so I love looking at all the plants as we go by. 


5. On the topic of Tinkerbell, she wasn’t settling in well at all to the new house so my mum and sister have let us have one of their dogs as a companion for Tink. I have worried so much about her over the last two weeks god knows what I would be like if I ever had a baby! But she is all settled now, she’s actually sitting eating a toy doughnut as we speak. 

6. I’ve booked a second wedding dress appointment to try on my wedding dress and put the deposit down. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to officially say yes to the dress. We are also about to give out the save the dates, I can’t believe its just over a year to the wedding already. 

7. I have been obsessed with Zoflora, before we moved out I never saw the obsession with it or really knew how to use it. We had a new home hamper from our bank congratulating us on the new house and it had a bottle of Zoflora and I thought hm lets give it a go. I used it once and the whole house smelt unreal like fresh laundry, it was amazing! So I'm definitely hooked to the point I have bulk packs in my amazon basket waiting for pay day.

8. I’m kind of falling out of love with instagram and I was wondering is anyone else feeling the same? My engagement has halved over the last 5 weeks and i’m really loosing my motivation now. I know it should be about the likes but I really feel like I’ve lot the passion with this platform lately. I hope when they remove the like counter it will increase the engagement and interaction on everyones posts and it can go back to being more focused on the photographs. 

9. Talking of photographs, I’ve been doing some more photo shoots and i’m really excited for this to hopefully grow in the future. I have my first full wedding in July and I'm so nervous but also can’t wait for the challenge. 

10. And lastly Ive been loving that one of my major inspirations, Georgie Lloyd has started posting on YouTube. Her daughter India is so adorable and I love both of their outfits. 


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