Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Keeping it short, sweet and simple this week with 5 simple things I love. When your having the most chaotic day/week/month its great to find something simple you enjoy to have a break from it all even if its just for 5 minutes

1) Light a candle – So cliche I know but soft lighting and a comforting smell can really help me relax and switch off for 5 minutes. I also try to use the headspace app (here) to really wind down before bed if its been one of those days

2) Fur babies – When the worlds falling apart around me a cuddle from one (or all 4) of my Chihuahuas can literally save the day from going bad to worse.

3) A good Spotify playlist or Netflix binge – Music can change my mood so much, as can a good film. Although I am a nightmare for watching the same film over and over again. At the moment my go to films are Me Before You or Love Happens

4) One cube of Cadbury – I am probably the only person who can take over a week to eat a single chocolate bar. Savour each cube for when you reallllly need it and it makes it taste so much nicer.

5) Memories – Probably my favourite thing to do is reminisce of old times. Grab a blanket, brew and look through all my old photos or talk about memories with friends

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