I am by no means a photography expert and I am sill learning with a long way to go, but I get asked about photography a lot, especially on Instagram. This months Ask Abbie post is taking a look at those questions as well as some photography tips along the way, so lets get straight into it! 

What camera do you use ?

I use the Lumix G7, I only just upgraded to this camera a year ago. Before that I had the G2 which I had been using for the last 8 years so I was definitely due an upgrade. Just a note, I don’t think it matters how expensive your camera is, just how you use it. I mean a good camera is a great bonus but my camera wasn’t as expensive as some other bloggers cameras that I've seen online. I think they key is to be able to change lenses and have control over the settings which will get your photos exactly how you want. You can also go crazy with editing too and just changing a few colours makes the photos really pop. 

I love my Lumix camera, its much lighter than the Canon and Nikon alternatives in this price range. The Lumix fits into my hand much better and I can easily reach all the buttons. One day I would love to upgrade to one of the better Lumix cameras but for now I'm really pleased with how my photos come out and its a perfect camera to learn with. 

What lenses do you use?

I use two different lenses for my Lumix camera, I use a 14-42mm / F3.5-5.6 lens for general photography and a 25mm / F1-1.7 lens for my detailed photography. Here are some examples of how I use the two different lenses and what effects they give. If you see the one on the left makes the background blurry, this is perfect for product photos or portraits. The one on the right gives you lots of detail even into the distance and is great for travel and scenery photos. This also answers the question people have on how I make the background blurry on my product photos. 

25mm / F1-1.7 lens

14-42mm / F3.5-5.6 lens


How do you edit photos 

I use Lightroom on the Desktop (the version that you can have on your computer or Mac) I use some of my own presets I've made but I then tweak each photo individually to make it exactly how I want. Here are some of the main things I change on photos in Lightroom:

You can then tweak the colours to your liking, adjusting the green, blues and yellows normally has most of an effect on my photos. There is also a free version of Lightroom for your mobile which I have used in the past and is a great starting point when your getting into editing. However, I don’t think you can beat editing photos on a computer to have full control of how you want it to look.

If there are people in the background or marks I need to remove off a wall I also use Face-tune on my iPhone. I also use this app to add detail to certain things like a bag or writing on a product. 

Who takes your photos? 

Dave! And I cant thank him enough as if it wasn’t for him taking my photos when we were travelling I don’t think I would have grown my instagram as much as I have now. Sometimes my mum, sister or friends will take the photos too if we are out for the day. I think the key is to explain to friends what you want, take photos of them as examples and then try not to bee too bossy (I know struggle with this sometimes sorry guys! haha)

And thats all your photography and editing questions that have been submitted, there isn’t that many but I get asked the same or similar questions quite a lot so this post has given you some tips on how to edit photos and how I get certain effects. When I am a much higher level photographer maybe I will be able to come out with a better guide but for now this is what I've been doing and its been working pretty well for me. 

Thanks for reading and I hope your having a great week.


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