Continuing with my Blogger Spotlight series, I have another blogger who has inspired me since I started blogging. Over the last month I have worked so hard on my blog and been getting some amazing feedback again. I think sometimes its a great excursive to take a step back and think, why did I start doing this and what were my intentions? And this helps give you a real focus and motivation again to start producing the work that you are proud of. 

This month I am looking to Victoria Magrath for inspiration, a highly successful fashion blogger, author and youtube star. 

Her photos need no explanation as to why I find them inspiring, I feel she really pushes the boundaries of fashion and styling photography and I never know what location she will be using next. The quality of her images shows that there is lots of planning that goes on behind the scenes and attention to detail. I also watch her vlogs which show exactly how hard she works and how she totally deserves all the success she has right now. 

But one of the main reasons I’m inspired by her blog is her content, along with these unreal photographs she also talks about topics that matter. She is very educated in a number of areas and this really shows in the variety and quality of content she writes. I feel like every time I go onto her blog I will be inspired by the photography but also educated by her words and this is what brings be back time and time again. 

Here are some posts that I would highly recommend reading that have inspired me in the past:

Be sure to comment below who your inspiration is, whether that be a blogger, actor, musician.. I would love to know who inspires you. 

Thanks for reading and catch you in the next post. 


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