What do you do when your in Chaing Rai? Go to the temples? Go to see Elephants? Or go to a cat cafe, of course the latter! 

Dave has been dying to go to a cat cafe ever since he came back from Atlanta and visited one there so when I saw one recommended on trip advisor I knew I had to tell him about it. Cat n a Cup is a modern cafe where you of course can enjoy your dinner whilst spending time in a room full of cats. 

Now I get that this may not be everyones cup of tea but I had to go and try it. I expected to smell of well you know cat.. but it didn’t! Not one tiny bit! I don’t know how they do it. The food was really nice too, I had fudge cake which was so rich I could have ate it 5 times over. 

And then to the stars of the show, the cats. They were so relaxed and chilled just pottering about, and then… someone opened a bag of cat food and all hell broke loose. It was only then I realised just how many cats where in the room. Soon after they all relaxed again and some even joined us on the table to watch us eating. 

I loved that these were what I called ‘fancy cats’ you know not your average tabby cat, but more like fancy breeds, some which I’ve never seen before. I loved the one with odd eyes and the one with the leopard style print on its fur. I had to resist trying to steal one in our backpack. 

If your in Chiang Rai and have a spare afternoon Cat n a Cup is a great experience and much cheaper than the cat cafes in the UK. We spent just over an hour in there so its also a great idea for those stormy days when your not sure what to do. 

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