If you didn’t know, there are 3 steps to a happy Abbie: Pizza, hot chocolate and Chihuahuas, roll them all into one day and you’ve got what comes close to my best day ever. We were heading to Edinburgh for a friends wedding and my mum had been recommended this cafe for us and I knew no matter what we needed to squeeze some time into the weekend to go. We had some pizza and then we headed to the Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe. We waited outside the pink door ready for out slot and we then got briefed on how to act around the dogs and what to do and what not to do. 

When we walked in the decor was so pink and bold, I loved it. Next minute the troops arrived and 8 over excited chihuahuas bounded in through the door, I had to contain my excitement as the woman had said earlier ‘don’t make equaling noises’ and I 100% squeal every time I get home to my own chihuahuas. 

We then sat on the sofa and 4 chichis went straight up to Dave (i think they could smell the pizza on him that he had dropped on his trousers earlier, of course they would never prefer Dave over me?!) As it was towards the end of the day they were all pretty sleepy and they just wanted to snuggle up and sleep which was adorable. 

We also treated ourselves to a hot chocolate however I never wanted to move incase I woke up the dogs up so I have have ended up drinking cold hot chocolate… whoops.The girls who worked here were so lovely and I told them all about my 4 chihuahuas at home. Basically I love nothing more than being around dogs and talking about dogs so this was basically my heaven. 



Even Dave loved our time there however I don’t think it has convinced him to let me have 8 dogs when me move out. 🙁 maybe it will convince him that we need to make an annual trip to Edinburgh to catch up with the Chihuahuas. If you are heading to Edinburgh and are a dog fan this is the perfect place for you. Be sure to book ahead as the slots get taken up relatively fast and you can’t just turn up and wait. 

See you in the next post and thanks for reading <3 


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