Over the last few months most of blogging related questions I’ve received have been asking how, when and why I started blogging. I then reply with my answers and more often than not, people reply saying they would love to blog but they a) are scared to do it, b) worried no one will read or c) need help thinking what to write about.

I thought it would be perfect to focus on this topic for this moths blogging series post, so here it is, how to get over the fear of blogging! I hope you enjoy reading and find these tips helpful. 

Should I, Shouldn’t I….

Yes Yes Yes you should!!! Okay well I'm not forcing you to haha, but I think its great to have a creative outlet such as a blog. Even if you have no intention of anyone reading it or it becoming your career its a perfect way to write your opinions, tips and stories down. Whats the worst thing that could happen? You could write a few posts, don’t like it and realise its not for you, delete your account and then find another creative outlet. Its kind of like starting a new gym class or hobby, you wont know if you like it until you try it. 

I completely get why people are nervous though as when I started I was so worried about what people would think (which we will go onto later) and its kind of like your making your hobby public for all to see. I mean if you were learning to paint you wouldn’t necessarily post all your paintings online with a comments section which is open for people to say whatever they want. You usually paint a few, keep them to yourself and then when you do one your pretty proud of you post it online or display it. Blogging is basically the same though if you think about it. You can write posts and set them to private so if your really nervous you can always take that approach and see how you feel. I did this with my youtube videos, I did 5 which never went online before I was then confident enough to start uploading videos. 

There are so many free bogging platforms too such as WordPress so you don’t even have to invest any money either. You could make a blog today just using your mobile phone apps and photos, so no investment is needed other than your time. 

What if I get hate messages?!

The first question i’m going to ask you in relation to this topic is; are you planning on writing about something quite controversial? If the answer is yes, then you probably will get someone disagreeing with your opinion and in some instances hate messages. Thats not to say if you write about lots of lovely non controversial things you wont get hate messages. The internet is an amazing place but it is also full of cowardly and cruel people who will leave hate comments no matter what. 

You cant please everyone and sometimes people are purely jealous for one reason or another and that leads to hate comments. I try to ignore them, which is kind of impossible but at the moment I have a block and delete approach to the really cruel comments. On the other hand if someones comment isn’t nice but its kind of constructive ill always comment back and thank them for the feedback no matter how hard it is to take. I will be honest though for every 100 nice comments I probably have 1 nasty one so the good aways outweighs the bad. 

What do I write about?

This is always a tricky one and something I struggled with at first. I found my first blogging notebook and at the front I had a huge mind map which gave me some ideas on what topics I loved and what niche I could go into so that could be a good activity for you to do. Here are some prompts for your mind map:

What am I knowledgeable about? Its a fact that people visit blogs for 2 main reasons; to learn or for entertainment so its perfect if you can pass on your already existing knowledge through your blog

What am I passionate about? You’ll find it so much easier to write about something your passionate about

Do I have any trips, holidays or life events coming up that I could write about? Eg moving house, having a baby, travelling, going to university.

How much time and money can I dedicate to my blog theme? E.g you can't really write a backpacking blog if you have no intention of taking time out to go backpacking.

What blogs do I enjoy reading? The same as above really, If you enjoy reading it you’ll probably enjoy writing it. 

If your still unsure about deciding on just one topic, choose 5 and write about those. You’ll start to find you prefer writing about certain things and naturally post more of that content. I wouldn’t worry too much about a niche really as in time it will grow and change. For example I started mine as a fashion blog but then I went backpacking so it turned into more of a travel focused blog. I think as long as its something kind of similar you wont loose too many readers in the transition. 

Where do I even start!

I have a blog post called ‘The Blogging Shopping List’ which answers this question perfectly. I would use that post in conjunction with your mind map from the above question and it will give you a huge helping hand. I would then decide on a blog name and make a simple logo and away you go!

Im Embarrassed! What if people I know make fun of me?

Its easier said than done but the people who make fun of you are not worth your time and your probably better off without them. That being said I was nervous about friends and family reading my blog at first but I was so surprised that no one I knew in person said anything nasty or made fun of me at all. They were actually all really interested and loved reading which was great. I loved coming into work and having friends mentioning that they had read my post. Maybe i’m lucky though as I’ve got a pretty lovely group of friends and family who I know would support me in even the most crazy of endeavours. Like I said, its easier said than done but I think you’ll be surprised at how many of your friends will end up becoming your number one fans! 

What if no one reads my blog… 

Lets take a trip down memory lane, two years ago, a week after starting my blog I woke up one morning to find I had 5 views on my blog post from the day before, I was OVER THE MOON! I can remember being like ‘omg 5 people have read this post how amazing!’ Fast forward to the present day and I have about 70/100 views a day and i’m honesty still equally as excited as I was back then. It’s all about perspective and being realistic with how many views your going to get and appreciating each and every view. I’ll be honest I do have days now though where I check my stats at the end of the day and theres 7 and I can get really down about it and try and work out why, but sometimes there is no correlation. The key is to take note of the views  but try not to obsess over them as they can dip down on an odd day for no reason.

I cant guarantee it, but if you write content, keep improving and promote your blog on social media once a day I don’t see why your following wouldn’t grow. It maybe slow at first but eventually you’ll compare it with the previous month and be like wow look how far I’ve come!

I hope you found all of these tips helpful and are now confident enough to start your own blog. If you are then be sure to comment a link down below as I would love to read them. Also be sure to read the rest of my blogging related posts below which will give you some extra information and tips on blogging: 

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