I have tried and failed writing this post so many times, thinking of the ‘tips and tricks’ I have used to try and get my motivation back with blogging and instagram and the truth is I haven’t found a huge deal that has actually helped me. I have read a lot of posts and guides on how to get your creative juices flowing again but if I’m honest, it didn’t really help at all. I think once your motivation is disappearing it isn’t something you can just fix and turn back on with a self help guide in a few days. 

I know that the instagram algorithm has been bothering so many people, and I suppose I’m lucky that my job doesn’t depend on instagram as that would be even more pressure. After speaking to some friends who are influencers its clear that its becoming more and more difficult to get the engagement that they used to and making money through instagram is becoming more tough. So imagine feeling unmotivated already, then the pressure of using a platform that is limiting your reach and then adding that pressure on top. Its no wonder so many people are feeling unmotivated and pressured recently. 

The two things that have helped me over the last few months has been taking a break and thinking of my ‘Why’. 

Taking A Break

I think the most important thing is to take a break from projects and don't force things to happen. Remember, its okay to take a break from a project and its not giving up! I can’t stress how important it is to let ourselves take a break from things and listen to your emotions. I was feeling like blogging and instagram was a chore, so for the last 3 months I have posted minimal amounts just keeping my blog ticking over. I didn’t feel guilty as I just said to myself ‘I'm taking a break i’m not giving up’. This didn’t happen overnight however, over the space of a few weeks I got into the mindset that I was just taking a break from blogging and it was okay to not feel like my heart is in a project anymore.

Nothing good will come from something being forced, and eventually you may want to fully give up as all your motivation will be gone. This doesn’t just relate to social media either, it could be taking a break from going the gym, work or a class you have. If you are doing something for the wrong reasons the outcome is probably not going to be great. Even if you decide to go away for the weekend with no social media, no work or gym and just relax and let your mind wander for a bit. It could even be as simple as taking a break from reality by doing some meditation one afternoon taking a break from a chore or work you have to do.



Once I had taken a break I got a bit of inspiration and my ideas came flooding back. I then needed my last bit of motivation. Thats when my ‘Why’ came into it. The below is a great exercise to follow to get your mind thinking about your why and giving you that last push.  

Why did I start this project? 
Was it a financial reason, a creative release, to promote your business, to reach a goal

Why do I want to still do this project?
Is it still something you enjoy, is it something you miss doing, is it still applicable, has your reason changed since starting

Why do I feel unmotivated?
Is it because you haven’t got enough time, are you lacking inspiration, have you had some setbacks which have caused you to be unmotivated

Once I answered these questions I could then think how I could work on these and move forward in making my blog a more positive and enjoyable job and task. I hope these tips have helped you and if anyone has any other tips that have helped them in the past please comment them down below. 

Thanks for reading x 


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