Hey Everyone! I’m finally back! After a minor server hiccup! Also I’ve had such a busy last few weeks, I can’t believe how fast time is going recently!

A few weekends ago me and my friend Courtney went to Ibiza for a long weekend, which you may have seen a lot of on my personal Instagram page. We booked the holiday through Jet2, if your looking for a cheap and cheerful holiday I would definitely recommend looking at Jet2. This is the 2nd time I have booked with them and I have never had any problems with the holidays.

Now the flight there was an experience to say the least! As you can imagine there are A LOT of stag do’s.. and people starting their holidays as soon as they got to the airport. I’m all for having a good time but its kinda embarrassing when you have a guy sitting on the row behind actually smoking on the plane… yes smoking! But thats not Jet2’s fault at all.. but yeah it was an experience.

We stayed in the Ses Savines Apartments hotel, and for the price we paid I couldn’t complain at all. We were so close to all the clubs, bars and restaurants so it was easy to just find somewhere by change to have food and drink. If I was going to be staying a bit longer I think I would have stayed somewhere else on the Island that was a bit more relaxed and had a nicer beach. We visited Playe d’en Bossa on the Sunday and I think this is somewhere I would stay next time, I will have a blog post at the end of this week about that part of the island.

As I mentioned we were only there for a weekend so I soon realised my plan of doing a travel guide to Ibiza wasn’t going to work. So I just have a few tips below:

•Take plenty of money – be willing to spend a lot on bar entry and alcohol

•Explore the island – There is a big change in atmosphere from each town that you go to, the busses are so cheap too and takes around an hour to get most places on the island

•Go all inclusive – If possible, we went half board but I wish we had all inclusive just for the fact of having drinks as they were really expensive in San Antonio

•Plan Ahead – See what clubs and events are on before you travel, we didn’t plan anything except Foam and Diamonds but if we went again I think we would make a rough plan of what to do each night

Thanks or reading! Hope you have a great rest of the week!


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