Becoming more mindful has many benefits, from improving your wellbeing to helping with emotional and physical pain. But for me its been benefited me most by helping focus on the present and appreciate the current moment more. It has helped me worry less and spend my time thinking about what is in the current moment instead of looking back at things I can’t change. I would spend hours of my evenings worrying about future events that most of the time never happened. It made me physically and mentally ill and most of all wasted my valuable time at home.

Becoming more mindful will make you more aware of how your feeling and know your routines, times you feel more stressed or anxious and how to cope better in this situations when they arise again. It helps you to have less ‘auto pilot’ moments and appreciate the smaller things which make up our days. It helps you to let go of the sometimes unrealistic hopes and dreams for the future and focus on the small achievements of the day. Overall I have felt more accomplished and proud since I have incorporated more mindful practices in my life and even 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

My routuine

One of the biggest ways I stay more mindful and present is though meditation. At the moment I do 20 minutes of meditation every day followed by 30 minutes of reading. These two activities back to back really help me to focus on the present moment in different ways. Yoga; focusing on my surroundings, the sounds, my feelings and helping to let go of the past and the worries of the future. Reading; by educating, concentrating and taking some time to get lost in another world away from reality, again removing any worries I have about the past or future.

I also plan to take an afternoon off , yes I ‘plan to plan nothing’. This has been a great help as I looked at my own routines and found days of the week I am most stressed, worried and have less concentration. On these days I plan less tasks and I can then listen to how I feel that afternoon to then decide what I am going to do with my time. I love doing arts and crafts and being creative so this is a huge activity which helps me with mindfulness. I can fully submerge myself into a piece of art or project and get lost in the moment of creating.

I walk to and from work everyday which gives me some valuable time to get all my thoughts out and then focus on the walking, the scenery, change in seasons and nature. It takes about ten minutes into the walk before I actually start to feel the emotional benefits but its a great way to start and finish my work day.

How do you incorporate mindful practices into your day? Be sure to comment below so we can all share some tips 🙂

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