Today i’m sharing with you some of the resources I’ve been using for the last 3 months to help improve my mindset, feel more content and present and also reduce my stress levels. I hit a real bump in the road November last year and found myself in an awful frame of mind. Looking back some of the below tools and resources really helped me get through those times and I’m hoping they can help you too if your feeling the same way. 


First up ill start off with the most recent video I have watched by a Youtuber, Dani Mansutti. She explains a boat analogy which really got me thinking about what I prioritise in my life, what I take on board and emotional baggage, whether that be my own baggage or someone else's. 

Youtube is a great resource and something I watch on a daily basis. You can learn about almost anything, get inspired on how to decorate your home or just relax and watch a Vlog. I’m going to do a post later in the month with a list of my favourite you tubers. In the meantime I wanted to share Meghan Livingstone’s channel with you. I find her videos so informative and inspiring. The way she films and talks is also really relaxing too with a super chilled aesthetic. 

How to decrease anxiety

How to change your mindset

Healthy habits 


I’ve been purchasing Breathe Magazine for the past 5 months now and I’m loving the content in these magazines. They cover a range of topics from wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity and escaping reality. I love how the content of these magazines reflects on the seasons and gets me geared up for the changes that are coming. 


I’m a huge Fearne cotton fan and have been for many years. If your looking to get into mindfulness and wellbeing she is one to observe. I have 3 of her books and two journals which have been great to work through. Rather than just reading the book on the commute to work or when the house is a bit chaotic, I take time to make a relaxing atmosphere. I light a candle, put on some relaxing music and take an hour out of my time to turn my phone of and just focus on the book. A cup of tea and biscuits can always help too 🙂

I could write a whole post about Hygge and the Danish way of life and how this has affected me. I brought this book before we went travelling and re read it once we got home. Even implementing 10 minutes of Hygee into your life can add a relaxing element to your day. And for those of you who have no idea what i’m talking about, this video explains Hygge pretty well. 

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are something I was a little sceptical about and didn’t really bother with until I watched a video my Meghan Livingstone. She has a free PDF download of Daily Affirmations you can get here. I write these down at the top of my planner as a way of reminding me of my focus for the week. They are a great way to get you thinking and I find I interpret the same affirmation differently depending on my plans that week or what Fram of mind I am in.


I started listening to Fearne Cottons Happy Place podcast whilst on a 13 hour bus in Thailand and I honestly listened to the whole series in that one coach journey. I felt so content listening to them and hearing the stories from her varied guests. Fearne has just finished her most resent series of Happy Place and its well worth a listen, again take some time to create a relaxing atmosphere, pop on your headphones and forget about the outside word for half an hour. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the videos that are linked. If you have any resources or tools that have helped you through difficult times be sure to comment them below. 

Thanks for reading 🙂


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