Time for this years first ‘Things Im Loving Thursday’. This month i’ve been loving minimal skincare, I have really simplified my skincare routine and for the first time in years my bathroom cupboard isn’t overflowing with random half used products. Ive also started buying beauty products with intent, so i’m not just going shopping and looking around and thinking hey ill try this out, i’m only buying something if i’m about to run out of that thing. This mindset has stopped me spending at least £50 over the last few weeks. 

The first item in my minimal skincare routine is a good face soap. At the moment I use a eco friendly one that I picked up in Sainsbury’s but I am dying to try this new one from Lush. (FYI be prepared for a lot of lush spam over the next few months, its my new favourite place to shop) Be warned its actually really small which I was surprised by but its definitely on my payday wishlist. 

For my eye makeup removal I am still loving coconut oil. I brought the jar over 4 months ago and I still have barely used any and I can also use it as a body moisturiser too. 

Next on the list is a good face moisturiser, I used to have serums, day creams, eye creams and night creams however now i’ve now decided to just use the one at the moment. I love using the Lush Celestial Face Cream. It is perfect for people with dry skin and it even smells like white chocolate mmm! I think the one cream is a good idea however I think I will be investing in a good eye cream and serum to go along side them as a lot of the cruelty free and packaging free products don’t seem to have a lot of anti ageing properties in them 

Another item that is on my Wishlist is a Jade Roller, I’ve seen so many instagramers using these over the last few weeks and its something i’ve been thinking about getting for a while.

Instead of buying face scrubs I opted for a face loofah, this one from boots is great and does the job perfectly. I add a bit of soap onto the loofah and then exfoliate my face. If I need a more stronger exfoliation Ive been mixing a bit of brown sugar in with some warmed coconut oil and this has been working great too however I would avoid the eye area with this one. 

All in all I’m really loving my minimal beauty routine and the progress I’ve been making, yes my routine isn’t perfect but I think over the next few months ill really start finding the products I love, so expect to see an updated minimal beauty routine in a few months time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day x

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