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Goodbye peachy nudes and help rich berry and plum shades! Autumn is the time to get that much loved burgundy lippy out of the depths of your makeup bag and put it pride of place on the dressing table.

As a general rule, I tend to reserve my deep, purple tones for autumn, moving to berry and reds through winter. I like to girly it up for spring with pinks and peaches, with nudes and blushes being worn all summer long. 

I have eight lipsticks in my autumn ‘lip wardrobe’ which I tend to rotate depending on my outfit or mood. It includes a range of mattes, sheers, liquids and classic lippies. I love them all for different reasons and would love to share these with you to help you find your match-made-in-heaven fall lip colour. 

Kat Von D Studded Kiss

Shade: Vampira

Formula: In my opinion, the formula is a little dry and drags on the lips during application, but once on, it looks gorgeous and stays put for a good few hours. I definitely recommend using a balm underneath to nourish lips and make your lippy last longer.

Applicator: Bullet shaped tip

Cruelty free: Yes

Price: £17

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Shade: Budapest

Formula: I love the creamy formula of the soft matte lip creams and it’s not the only shade I own. It’s easy to apply and work with, and it dries down to matte. These liquid lipsticks are a great, inexpensive drugstore product, but my only qualm is that there doesn’t seem to be much product in the tube. That doesn’t stop me repurchasing time after time though.

Applicator: Doe foot

Cruelty free: Yes

Price: £6


Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lip Colour

Shade: Velvet Slipper (full sized) and Old Hollywood (mini)

Formula: I always get compliments when wearing Velvet Slipper. It’s certainly an unusual shade – almost like a muted purple. It’s as though the saturation has been turned down. Old Hollywood is a much richer, vibrant shade, but the formulas remain the same. Once these lippies are on, they will not budge. You really have to scrub at your lips to remove them so are the perfect option for all day wear!

Applicator: Doe foot

Cruelty free: Yes

Price: £4.99

No7 Match Made Stay Perfect Lipstick

Shade: Auburn Whisper

Formula: This lipstick is a semi-satin finish which leaves a beautiful dewy sheen on the lips. This also means that it is far less drying than your average matte lipstick. When I wore No7’s Stay Perfect foundation, this shade is one that came up in my range of perfectly match-made lipsticks. Their technology allows them to find shades that match your skin tone for the ultimate lip combo. Any fellow Calico wearers? Auburn Whisper is for you.

Applicator: Circular tip

Cruelty free: Yes

Price: £10

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

Shade: Midnight

Formula: I really fell in love when these products first hit the market, grabbing a nude, pink, red and plum. I have since only kept Blush and Midnight. This is an incredibly dark purple, and the matte formula creates clean, sharp lines that you really have to take your time to create.

Applicator: Doe Foot

Cruelty free: No

Price: £5.99


Avon True Colour Lipstick

Shade: Superb Wine

Formula: Not my favourite formula but is a really lovely shade. It has very pink undertones which make it a great summer to autumn transition shade. It glides on well but does need a few goings-over to really get the opaque colour you want.

Applicator: Bullet shaped tip

Cruelty free: Products sold in Europe are not tested on animals, however Avon does sell in China, who have an animal testing policy

Price: £7.50

MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lip Colour

Shade: Oh Lady

Formula: MAC lip products are my favourite lip formulas by far. They are creamy, non-drying, gorgeous shade ranges and last all day. The first Retro Matte Lip Colour I got was ‘Simply Smoked’ which is more of a cool, wintery shade. I picked up Oh Lady to wear in fall and it’s vibrant tone really makes your makeup pop!

Applicator: Doe foot

Cruelty free: No

Price: £18

Do you have a favourite lipstick for Autumn? Post it in the comments so I can try it out and maybe add it to my ever-growing collection!

*Guest Post By Beff Shuff, Be sure to check out her blog here and follow her instagram <3

Guest Post By Beff Shuff

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