I don’t think this post could be more Australian if I tried. Cuddling koalas and feeding kangaroos, all I need is a cork hat and im set. As soon as I knew we were coming too Adelaide I knew we needed to visit Gorge Wildlife Park. They are now one of the only places in Australia that you can cuddle koalas still due to this being stopped in other states. I love this wildlife park as theres so much room for the animals to roam about. I know the animals are still in captivity but it was much nicer…
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Starting day one in Adelaide with mangoes for breakfast whilst sitting by the pool, absolute bliss. In the morning we went a craft fair called Bower Bird with so many different and usual items. England need to take note this is how craft fairs are meant to be! I now wish I had come here with an empty suitcase. We saw this amazing reusable cling film made from beeswax and fabric and so much artwork I think when I move out my home may just end up being an art gallery. Now no matter where we go Dave seems to find…
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Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great. Its been just over a year since I started blogging, when I started I didn’t have much money to spend, however now there are a few things that I have upgraded over time. Heres a list of my blogging essentials, whether your blogging once a month or planning on making it a career. Ive broken each essential into a save and splurge option to suit your budget. Firstly you need a blog platform, somewhere to post your content and people to view it. Think of the future of your blog when choosing…
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If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, cultural and more natural that just visiting a shopping mall in Dubai, then you need to check out Arabian Adventures. These were recommend to me by a friend who had visited Dubai and I knew it was an activity I needed to try. You wont be disappointed with what Arabian Adventures has to offer, from Desert Safaris, Site Seeing and Attractions & Experiences theres something there for all the family, couples or just individuals. I pre booked my trip prior to arriving in Dubai, the website is simple to use…
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Gucci Ring
Free People Dress
Urban Decay Lipstick
Urban Outfitters Tee
Lush Srubee
Jonna Jinton Bangle
Fearne Cotton bag
Free People Puffer Coat
Free People Pink Stone Necklace
Tarte Contour
Isle Of Paradise Tan Drops
ABH Sultry Palette
White Long Sleeve Top
ABH soft glam
Madeline Olivia E Book
Liz Earle Superskin Oil
Black Top Shop Shoes
BaByliss Defined Curls Tong
Hollister Dress


Day 1 – We went to the Dubai mall which was HUGE, I knew it was the biggest mall in the world but I was not prepared for how much walking we were going to be doing. Theres an aquarium, a full sized ice rink inside and even a mall taxi to drive you around. I thought I couldn’t be more surprised until we saw the ginormous waterfall and on the top level… a train! Once we had attempted to see all the shops we went outside to see the Burj Khalifa, again it was huge as most things here…
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