I have two days left at home before I start travelling the world for the next 8 months! Its crazy how fast this has come round. This post is the first in my Travel Diary series. Every Friday I’m going to post a travel diary post, a bit of a chit chat and update about what I’ve been up to along with some photos. So heres number one of many to come! I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions this last week, excited, scared, worried, nervous. Now theres only two more days before I go and excitement has…
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When travelling I love to be comfy and warm. Is it just me or do you find planes freezing!? I envy those who hop onto a long haul flight in jeans a nice top and hair all done whilst I roll up in what looks like pyjamas and a makeup free face. So when it comes to planning my travelling outfit, oversized baggy sweaters are the perfect thing to opt for. Add a messy bun and some glasses and I’m good to go. I always make sure I pack a pair of slipper socks and a thin scarf to be…
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12   487
6   511
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It was a hard decision to make, mostly because I get attached to things way to easily and hate change, but I decided to rename my blog and start a fresh. I know ‘starting a fresh’ is so cliche but I thought my blog was just heading in the wrong direction. I want my blog to be about me showing you a little insight into the day to day life of Abbie. I want a blog that can grow with me and something I could continue to post on for years to come no matter where life takes me. Whether…
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  Hey Everyone! Hope you are all great! This week I’ve got a post about one of my favourite cities, London. I don’t go half as much as I should, however, the last two times I have been I’ve done so many more ‘touristy’ things and I can’t wait to go back again soon. When I visit London in November I’m planning on doing a 12 hours in London post, but for now I thought I would list my top 10 things to do in London, whether its just a day out or a weekend away here are things I…
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Gucci Ring
Free People Dress
Urban Decay Lipstick
Urban Outfitters Tee
Lush Srubee
Jonna Jinton Bangle
Fearne Cotton bag
Free People Puffer Coat
Free People Pink Stone Necklace
Tarte Contour
Isle Of Paradise Tan Drops
ABH Sultry Palette
White Long Sleeve Top
ABH soft glam
Madeline Olivia E Book
Liz Earle Superskin Oil
Black Top Shop Shoes
BaByliss Defined Curls Tong
Hollister Dress


What an amazing, unbelievable night! From getting ready in Paris’s dressing room to dancing at the DJ booth and much much more! It was all so so amazing and magical! (FYI This is a long post so grab a brew!) So lets backtrack, for those who don’t know me other than through my blog, Hi I’m Abbie and Paris Hilton has been my idol since 2003 🙂 I can remember sitting at my nans dining room table on a sunday reading through magazines seeing what Paris had been wearing or what she had been up to. (oh the times before…
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