Hey everyone! Hope you have had a great few weeks. I’ve recently just got back from Amsterdam and thought I would share my top 10 tips when travelling. I love to travel and would like to say I’m quite organised when it comes to travel preparation, or anything really! I’m obsessed with organising and planning and as soon as someone mentions a trip or destination I can’t wait to start researching and planning. 1) Comfort – The above photos are from an hours flight, but I normally wear a coat, jumper, t-shirt, leggings and trainers for any longer flights. I…
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Happy Wednesday Everyone! Keeping it short, sweet and simple this week with 5 simple things I love. When your having the most chaotic day/week/month its great to find something simple you enjoy to have a break from it all even if its just for 5 minutes 1) Light a candle – So cliche I know but soft lighting and a comforting smell can really help me relax and switch off for 5 minutes. I also try to use the headspace app (here) to really wind down before bed if its been one of those days 2) Fur babies – When…
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