Happy Saturday! Hope you all had a great week. Quick question, how are you all getting on with the Zero Waste Challenge? Ive already had a few messages from people who have joined me on our zero waste quests and I cant wait to add more of you! If you haven’t seen the challenge check it out here. So in a nutshell I am swapping most of my beauty, health and kitchen items to more eco friendly, minimal waste items. This decision came from when I was travelling and saw the huge amount of waste in the seas and beaches.

A company who has the same ethics is Penguins Over Plastic, a small local company who are specialising in health and beauty products which wont harm the environment. So in my quests to find some new minimal waste products and ect friendly options I headed into Stone market to see the Peguins Over Plastic team. I loved hearing about all the recycled packaging and ethically sourced ingredients. Their product range is so simple yet has everything you could need from shampoo to deodorant and even dental floss. My bathroom cupboard has never looked so empty now but I still have products to cover everything I had before.


First up I wanted to get an alternative to my shower gel in a bottle. The lavender soap smells amazing and I had to buy one of the soap bags to go with it. These would also make perfect gifts for Christmas (sorry to mention it so early) I also had to buy a tote bag too because you can never have too many tote bags. They also do shampoo bars and facial soap so once I run out of my bottled ones I will definitely be making the switch. 

All their products come in glass or recycled and recyclable cardboard. I cant wait to run out of the face mask so I can use the cute jars! Their range of products will be growing over the next few months and I cant wait to see what swaps I can make in the future. Im especially excited to try the shampoo bars in the future and the mouthwash. Be sure to give Penguins Over Plastic a like on facebook and follow them on instagram.  

Good luck with the rest of the challenge and have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.          

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