After a short train journey from Frankfurt we arrived in Cologne. My first impressions was that it was very similar to Frankfurt with the collection of old and new buildings. When we arrived and walked out of the train station there stood the Cologne Cathedral, and wow it was amazing. We took a few photos and then headed to our air bnb and saw some more cattle like buildings on the way.  The next day we went straight back to the cathedral to take some photos inside when we didn’t have the suitcases and backpacks. The stained glass art was…
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After 24 hours of travelling we arrived in frankfurt, we are staying in a town nearby called Darmstadt in an air b’n’b. As soon as we woke up the first morning I felt at home straight away. It was so nice to spend the night sleeping in ‘normal air’ as apposed to aircon air. We spent out first day exploring Darmstadt, before arriving we hadn’t researched anything to do here so it was great that our air b’n’b host had lots of ideas where to go.  The highlight of the town for me so far is Prinz Georgs Garten. It was…
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