A few months ago had the opportunity of attending a lovely painting class ran by Charlotte at Medipainting. It was held at The Quater in Hanley in the most beautifully decorated room. I sat down at my easel with a big glass of lemonade ready to get creative. 
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Changing is part of your evolution through life, you are a book with many chapters and some might say you life could be categorised down into mini novels in a book series. All with the same running theme, you. However, there are twists and turns, challenges to overcome and changes have to be made. After all, your books would become boring otherwise.  How boring would it be if you just stayed the same?  I mean we have all looked back at old photos, our orange foundation, over plucked eyebrows and questionable fashion choices and thought ‘oh god I’m so glad…
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Why Becoming more mindful has many benefits, from improving your wellbeing to helping with emotional and physical pain. But for me its been benefited me most by helping focus on the present and appreciate the current moment more. It has helped me worry less and spend my time thinking about what is in the current moment instead of looking back at things I can’t change. I would spend hours of my evenings worrying about future events that most of the time never happened. It made me physically and mentally ill and most of all wasted my valuable time at home.…
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Today i’m sharing with you some of the resources I’ve been using for the last 3 months to help improve my mindset, feel more content and present and also reduce my stress levels. I hit a real bump in the road November last year and found myself in an awful frame of mind. Looking back some of the below tools and resources really helped me get through those times and I’m hoping they can help you too if your feeling the same way.  Watch First up ill start off with the most recent video I have watched by a Youtuber,…
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Gucci Ring
Free People Dress
Urban Decay Lipstick
Urban Outfitters Tee
Lush Srubee
Jonna Jinton Bangle
Fearne Cotton bag
Free People Puffer Coat
Free People Pink Stone Necklace
Tarte Contour
Isle Of Paradise Tan Drops
ABH Sultry Palette
White Long Sleeve Top
ABH soft glam
Madeline Olivia E Book
Liz Earle Superskin Oil
Black Top Shop Shoes
BaByliss Defined Curls Tong
Hollister Dress

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