When we left Australia and headed over to Bali I was a little nervous about the food situation and was anticipating us eating street food the whole time. Once we arrived, I was so surprised at the amount of trendy and modern cafes and restaurants dotted about. Yes they looked a little out of place in most of the chaotic streets but I was pleasantly surprised and tried to visit as many as I could. Here are my 4 favourites as well as some other recommendations I have along the way. Be sure to comment below if you have ever been to Bali and which places you loved to eat in.  

Crumb and Coaster

Location: Kuta

Opening Times: 7:30AM - 11PM Daily 

Why I loved it:

This was one of the first places we ate out in and I tried my first ‘Mie Goreng’, a traditional Balinese noodle dish. I was not disappointed and this started a huge obsession of mine to eat as much Mie Goreng in a month as possible. The interior of Crumb and Coaster was like something off my Pinterest boards, compared to the chaotic roads and rubble outside it was a perfect little haven to have lunch. This place is a great first stop in Kuta to get fuelled up ready for a day of exploring. 

La Laguna  

Location: Canggu

Opening Times: 9AM - Midnight Daily 

Why I loved it:

I mean I think the photos speak for themselves with this one, the walk up to the restaurant winds through a cobbled street of gypsy caravans and tarot card huts. As the sun was setting all the lanterns came on and it was so magical walking around, I had never been anywhere like it before. They even have a Sunday market on which I wish we could have been there for. To eat we sat along the beachfront on the balcony and the atmosphere was so serene. Onto the main event, food! We ordered a few tapas style dishes, I loved the fried beans and onion rings, so much so I refused to share them with Dave. I think it was a bit more pricey here than other places in the area (still really cheap compared to home) but the food and atmosphere are worth it ten fold. 

After the food it was a perfect opportunity to walk along the beach to Finns Beach Club (another recommendation for drinks, snacks and of course a HUGE pool. La Laguna also has a few sister restaurants, La Favele in Seminyak Town, La Plancha on Seminyak beach and La Brisa in Canggu (20 minute drive from La Laguna. If you want to be super nosy they also have a live camera feed! *watched live camera feed for ten minutes whilst wishing I was back in Bali … SIGH!* 



Location: Canggu

Opening Times: 5PM - 10PM Daily 

Why I loved it: 

Okay so what do you get if you cross Bali, Boho Vibes, with great food and a hint of Alice in Wonderland? Thats right you get Dandelion! 

First things first, the staff here are so lovely and polite, I love there traditional dress and their manners were impeccable. They loved talking to us about our travels too and did anything they could to make our evening perfect. Now lets talk about location, Dandelion is set in a shack style building which at first doesn’t look much, but once you go out the back doors it opens up into this perfectly boho secret garden. I could picture myself having a party here, however I don’t think my friend will shell out a flight to Bali just to have a little party,, but the place would be perfect to sit and relax whilst enjoying some amazing food. Also I have to mention the little white rabbits that hop about the garden, I spent at least 20 minutes sitting taking photos of them and working out how I could take them home with me. 

And onto the food, hands down, this was the best Mie Goreng I had in the whole of Bali, yes the whole o f Bali!  I also loved the spring rolls we had for starters too (anyone who knows me will know how obsessed I am with spring rolls) dandelion is somewhere I would 100% go back to if we ever got the chance to go back to Canggu and I recommend it to everyone who has visited since. 


Location: Seminyak 

Opening Times: 6AM - 5PM Daily 

Why I loved it:

If you follow a lot of travel instagram accounts I'm sure you have probably come across the Kynd tropical print wall photos and colourful smoothie bowls. When I found out we were a ten minute walk away I knew we had to go. Luckily enough, as we arrived, a table by the wall was free so it worked out pretty well and a perfect photo opportunity. 

The food here was so yummy, I had a savoury platter and Dave had a smoothie bowl, he didn’t even realise at the time he was eating Vegan food! The smoothie bowls always have these cute carved out letters (i think they can also take requests for what writing you want on them) and if your super obsessed like me you can order the tropical spoons here. Although I have a feeling I'm not going to get the same effect when I’m sitting eating a smoothie bowl in the cold UK… 

Kynd also ave a sister cafe called ‘Give’ which would be great to visit if the food and decor is anything like Kynd, also you can take a photo in-front of the rainbow wall there cause who doesn’t love a collation of photos in-front of painted walls! 


I would highly recommend using trip advisor when looking for places to eat in Bali especially if your in a rush and need to plan ahead. If you have more time its great to wander around the streets and come across something new as there are so many restaurants and new ones popping up all the time. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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