Hey everyone! Hope you have had a great few weeks.

I’ve recently just got back from Amsterdam and thought I would share my top 10 tips when travelling. I love to travel and would like to say I’m quite organised when it comes to travel preparation, or anything really! I’m obsessed with organising and planning and as soon as someone mentions a trip or destination I can’t wait to start researching and planning.

1) Comfort – The above photos are from an hours flight, but I normally wear a coat, jumper, t-shirt, leggings and trainers for any longer flights. I admire the people who can wear jeans and fancy things on planes, I really do!

2) Wipes – I’m obsessed with wipes even when I’m not travelling, I always bring antibacterial and baby wipes in my hand luggage because you never know haha

3) Minis – On long haul flights I bring miniature cleanser, toner, night cream, hand cream, body butter and mouthwash. Call me crazy but I also bring a face towel and face cloth in my hand luggage too

4) Folder – I print any documents, tickets and vouchers and put them in one of those plastic envelope wallets. I also put any tickets and recipts in there too as I go along to save for scrapbooking when I go home

5) Neck pillow – Give me a neck pillow and I will sleep through any turbulence, ask my friends. I remember waking up to half the plane gripping onto the chairs because of the turbulence before I woke up and I had been none the wiser

6) Ginger – I pack ginger biscuits (usually gingerbread men haha) every time I travel, every time I feel a bit iffy they save me! It may be phycological but hey ho they are cute anyway

7) Passport and Pants – Literally the one thing my mum always says before I leave to go away, as long as you have passports and pants you’ll be fine… apparently

8) Bags – I organise my hand luggage into bags. One for all my camera cables, headphones etc, another for snacks and medication and a last one for my essentials like money and passport. The last one I will wear around my waist, I just buy a small shoulder bag and make the strap really short so it sits where my belt would be

9) Keeping Warm – I always get so cold on the plane, so I make sure I bring a scarf no matter where I am travelling to

10) Entertainment – Thank god for Netflix Offline! The last 4 flights I’ve been on have been spent watching hours of Netflix. I also make sure I’ve got a good playlist before I go on Spotify

Comment any of your top travel tips would love to hear what you all do to stay organised when travelling.

Hope you all have a great week ahead. I’ve got lots of photos from Amsterdam coming up!



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