I have two days left at home before I start travelling the world for the next 8 months! Its crazy how fast this has come round.

This post is the first in my Travel Diary series. Every Friday I’m going to post a travel diary post, a bit of a chit chat and update about what I’ve been up to along with some photos. So heres number one of many to come!

I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions this last week, excited, scared, worried, nervous. Now theres only two more days before I go and excitement has well and truly taken over. This. being said I keep checking pointless things over and over again, have I packed my pants? is my passport in date? It’s my mums golden rule that  you can go anywhere as long as you have your passport, purse and a spare pair of pants! Safe to say I have well and truly over packed if thats the case.

I’m going to the llandudno Christmas fair tomorrow, a family tradition and we go every year. Now I wont miss the cold when I’m away but I sure will miss all the christmassy activities that we normally do at home. I just cant imagine going a Christmas marked in blazing sunshine? Then again do they even have Christmas markets in Australia? Ill let you know!

On Sunday all my family is getting together for some party food and lots of cake! I think the reality of leaving my family for such a long time will sink in then, but I honestly think the next 8 months will fly by for them and for me. Before I know it ill be back in bed drinking a cup of tea watching the big bang theory with a box of Cadbury chocolate.

Well I’m off to get ready for bed (but in reality lm going to lie awake worrying if I’ve forgotten something) Hope you all have a great weekend and week ahead!


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