Day one and we headed out early to the art markets which are in the centre of ubud. They were more like normal markets really and not too much ‘art’ stuff but it was still good to look around. Me and Dave needed to get some sarongs so we put out haggling to the test. I say ‘we’, it was all Dave cause I hate doing it and feel really bad but we managed to get the two sarongs for a good price and then we headed over to the monkey temples.

Now a lot of people online say the monkeys are a nightmare for stealing things so we went prepared with our hats and glasses safe in the bag to avoid getting them stolen. The monkeys were such characters and I loved just sitting and watching them. They even started jumping into a pool of water like it was a swimming pool and one coughed after, It was so human like and made everyone go ‘aww’


In the evening we decided to try something a little different and have Mexican for tea as we haven’t had one in ages. I have been craving nachos for weeks now so I was glad to finally get my fix.

We then headed to the Ubud temple to watch the dancing performance. It was on for an hour and a half and was weird to say the least. We had no idea what was going on and the same music played for the whole hour and a half but it was great to be there and see it. The costumes and makeup were interesting also and I loved how it all took place in-front of the lit up temple.

The next day in Ubud we visited the rice fields. I had read online how they were ‘ruined’ now with all the shops and cafes but going there with fresh eyes I didn’t feel that way at all. I suppose if I had been years ago and compared it to now I may think its ruined though but I think it was still really nice to visit.

We then headed to the Tirta Empul Temple which is a temple with a sacred water pool that you can go in. I stayed on the side with the bags whilst Dave went in (i also have the flu so I thought it would be wide to stay out of the cold water). It was so busy I couldn’t believe the queue to get in but even though it was busy the atmosphere was great and it was nice to see so many families coming in to pray.

The next day we visited the Elephant caves and the beautiful gardens that surround it. These gardens were some of my favourite I have been in Bali and the photos look so tropical.


We also visited some more waterfalls, the Tegenungan Waterfall ( the taller one) and the Kanto Lampo waterfall. We managed to get some good photos at both of them and I think waterfalls may now be my favourite photo spots after beaches.

Now it was time for out last two days in Ubud and we decided to treat ourselves to staying at the Udaya Spa. The rooms were all fully booked so the manager arranged for a complementary spa day and lunch which was amazing and so relaxing. It was the best massage I have had in a long time and we then relaxed in the jacuzzi with some ginger tea. We then had lunch on the terrace and then were driven to an alternative hotel for the night.

Now the alternative hotel, all I can say is wow! It was called the Jannata Resort and Spa and had the most amazing views over the rice fields. We had tea here then went to relax on our balcony after what was the most unbelievable day. I felt so lucky to be here and I’m going to make it my mission to come back and stay for longer.

The next day we had a mammoth breakfast and then we treated ourselves to a flower bath. I wish we had the money to have stayed here for a week I cant imagine how relaxed I would have been by the end of it. I will post more photos of both hotels soon so stay tuned for that. We then relaxed by the pool for the afternoon before heading back to Seminyak ready to fly to Singapore in a few days.

On our last full day in Bali we were staying in Seminyak and there was a cafe that I had wanted to go before but we didn’t have time. It is really popular on instagram and I needed a photo in front of the pink wall, yes, need! The food we had here was amazing, I had a vegan platter and Dave had a fruit bowl and they were so tasty. If your visiting Bali this is one of the places for your dining bucket list.




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