Day one and we headed out on a long boat to Railay, its actually part of mainland Thailand but due to the mountains and caves its only accessible by boat. The boat ride over was really pretty and scenic and the huge rock formations were like nothing I have ever seen before. 

We walked around the area of the ‘island’ and went to go to the lagoon but unfortunately it was closed. At least this meant more time sunbathing and being in the sea I suppose. When we were in the sea looking out to the amazing rocks it felt so surreal, it was the kind of feeling I got when we were in New Zealand. Just utterly beautiful untouched scenery. 

The next day we took a bus to Ao Nang beach. I say bus but it was more like a bench in the back of a pick up truck with a bus bell. Nevertheless it got us there in one piece and only cost us £1.20. The beach was really nice and this area had a more beach resort kind of feel. We literally spent all day on the beach and in the sea. It was nice to have a day off in a way with no chaotic travelling just a good old beach day. 

In the evening we went to the night markets where we tried a few local foods, we decided not to try the worms and crickets though. It was so busy there but it had a great atmosphere with people singing and dancing also. 

We then had a full day exploring the Phi Phi islands on an organised trip from the hotel. Whilst we were sailing to the first stop I couldn’t believe how blue the water was.

Our first stop was the viking caves, the guide told us how there are nests inside which are worth lots of money so the land is now privately owned but can you see how blue the water is! The photo below I didn’t even add a filter on..

We got to go swimming in the blue lagoon, which from the sky is shaped like a heart. There wasn’t any fish to look at or snorkel but it was nice to cool down and have a swim.

Also we went to the iconic ‘Beach’ beach, it was so so busy though it was kind of sad to see so many boats coming and going and the smell of petrol in the area was really strong. They are closing this area soon for conservation and to protect the area so hopefully that will help. 

We also went to the other side of this island and went to the Loh Samah Bay View Point. There was a pesky boat in the way but the rock formation we saw was pretty cool. 

Then it was time to head to lunch on the main Phi Phi island and on the way we passed a monkey island. We didn’t get too close because apparently the monkeys have a habit of jumping onto the boat! But we still managed to get some good photos of them. 

After lunch we went to do some snorkelling, the visibility was really good and there was lots of colourful fish. The guides also had some food for them so there were hundreds at one point and I even got to feed some of them too. 

In the afternoon we ended with a short stop at Bamboo Island. There isn’t much bamboo on there at the moment due to the Tsunami that happened a while ago but the trees still haven’t recovered. It was so nice to sit in the sea and cool down. 

Ive really enjoyed our first stop in Thailand and im really excited for the rest of our stops around here, next up is Phuket!


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