When we arrived in Phuket we decided to book another one day boat tour as these are a great way to see all the smaller islands around Thiland. The next day after a bit of waiting around we were collected from our hotel and on our way to Ao Por Pier.The boat was much bigger than the phi phi island tour, thankfully, so we had plenty of room and weren’t squished like sardines.  

First stop was Panak island. We all got onto inflatable canoes and off we went into the cave. We then landed on the sand just inside of the cave and were told we needed to walk. So with about 20 of us and one man with a torch at the front we proceeded into the unknown. At one point it was complete pitch black and I was so close to freaking out. I definitely think there should have been a warning that it was such a small tunnel as I didn’t expect that at all. 

All the stress, worry and bumped heads were worth it though once we got into the middle of the island. It was like a mini secret garden. The only way into the middle of the island is by that small tunnel which you can only get through when there is a low tide so it felt pretty special to be there. 

Next stop was Hong Island, again we got onto the canoes but luckily this time we stayed on them and had a short boat ride inside the island. Again it was like a mini paradise hidden inside the island. All I wanted to do was set up a tree house and live there. Then again with so many tourists visiting that may not be such a good idea. 

Then the main attraction, James Bond Island. It was so so busy here too but luckily me and Dave managed to spot an area around the side where no one was. No need to photoshop pesky heads out of the photos this time! 

We ended for a swim at Lawa Island. I stayed on the boat whilst Dave went for a swim.. Hi Dave! 

The next day we went on a mini tour of some of the best sights in Phuket. Our main goal was to see the Big Buddha but for the same price as a taxi we were able to do a half day trip so why not. 

First stop was the Karon view point. It had an amazing view of the two nearby beaches and also one of the smaller islands called crab island. 

After this short stop we headed to the Big Buddah. It was still a work in progress inside so not what I expected but the actually Buddha outside was amazing and huge (as the name would imply) 

After this we headed to the Cahlong temple. There was 3 main temples which were all a right red and gold colour. I loved the little area and gardens they were set in, sort of like a mini town. 

Now all the sights had been ticket off it was time for the tour guides to try and attempt to sell us things for the next two hours. First up the honey bee farm. Funny story the guide here thought me and Dave were German so he started trying to sell us things in german. We of course had no idea what he was on about so we just smiled. But then he followed us and carried on talking, the miss communication had gone on for too long now so we didn’t dare say we had no idea what he was on about. Face Palm moment indeed. 

We then headed to a cashew factory, me and Dave didn’t buy anything but we got a photo with the big Cashew to add to our gallery of ‘big things’ 

At the end of the trip we went to Phuket old town for a short walk. The streets here were really cute and all pastel coloured. Its a shame we couldn’t have stayed here a bit longer. 

Ive really enjoyed our time in Phuket and I definitely recommend the tours as a great way to see as much as you can in a short space of time. We are now about to go on a 12 hour journey to Ko Samui island, wish us luck!


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