On our first full day here we decided to have a wander around the town and get out bearings. Our hotel was near the museum, palace and the waterfront so it was a pretty good location.

The town is pretty chaotic and it feels so busy for the amount of space that there is. It feels like the city is growing but the buildings, roads and facilities aren’t improving with it. The people here are so lovely though and always have a smile on their face. Visiting Siem Reap and then here has really made me realise how fortunate we are at home and some of the things I personally take for granted. I’ve seen people in such poverty but they all seem so happy and pleasant, when some people at home have everything given to them on a plate but cant even crack a smile. Funny world isn’t it. 

The next day we went on a trip to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. We didn’t take any photos inside the museum however it is somewhere I would highly recommend to visit if you are in Cambodia. We paid for the audio guide which was really informative but at times it was hard to listen to as the stories really brought to life how horrific this time was. The photo galleries in the old cells were also hard to look at and very graphic but again it made you realise how terrible it all was. 

The next morning we had a lie in and headed for brunch. We had been recommended a cute little cafe called Artisan by Dave’s friend so we decided to try it out for brunch, it was down a small side street with some amazing colourful graffiti on the walls.

The food was pretty amazing too, so good that we went back the next day for dinner and I also went for the passion fruit vegan cheesecake which was amazing. I have to find out how to make one once I get home. 

Now when you think of Cambodia you don’t necessarily think of amazing cinemas, however, it was supposedly very popular here and they many cinemas including a 4KX cinema. The avengers new film had just come out too so it was a no brainer to go and see it in 4KX. It was such a great experience, basically its a 3D film with moving chairs, light effects, water spray, smoke and smells. I definitely want to try one out at home now as it really added to the experience and it only cost $11!

The next day we headed to the Golden Palace, as soon as we walked through the gates it was like we had entered a different world. The birds were singing, the buildings where all painted gold and red and the grounds where really clean and well kept.

I enjoyed walking around until the heat got to me (today my phone said the temp felt like 43 degrees!) We took some shaded shelter under a tree and we had a chat about our highlights of the last few months, I couldn’t even pick one at all. I think experience and culture wise, Cambodia has been my favourite as it has really opened my eyes to things I was so oblivious about before.

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