The next stop on our Vietnam trip was Hoi An, this town is so much more relaxed and calm compared tot he last few stops and it was nice to take a step back and walk around at a much slower pace. The river and surrounding areas had a really nice relaxed atmosphere with a huge selection of restaurants to choose from.

On the other side of the river was a sculpture garden, some of them where quite funny especially the one with the dogs and cats on. 

After we had explored the area around the river we headed into the old town. We brought a ticket which gives you access to the town and 5 attractions. There are museums, old houses and temples you can visit. 

We also got to see the Chinese bridge which was pretty cool, but I didn’t realise at first that you have to use one of your attraction tickets to go over the bridge.

The thing I loved most about the old town was all the flowers overhanging the old buildings. I took wayyyy to many photos of them but it was so pretty I couldn’t help it. 

In the evening we went to the old town again for the night markets. They were good but the market stalls in most of the places we have been recently are all the same. Me and Dave both said its surprising they make any money. 

At night the river looked so beautiful, there was long tail boats with lanterns on and also floating Lilly pads with lights on too. I felt like I was in Tangled. 

The next day we rented bicycles from the hotel to go to the beach, it was nice to finally get back on the beach and do a bit of sunbathing. Also can you believe I went on a bicycle! all was going well until we were 3 minutes away from the hotel on the way home and bam, I fell off and cut all my knee open. I was so annoyed at myself and wow did it hurt. I forgot how much a cut knee hurts.

To get from Hoi and to Hanoi is a pretty long journey so we decided to do one night stopover in Hue. (So many H’s in these names its hard to keep up!)

Once we arrived we checked in and went out to explore the town. We went to the Hue Imperial City, which is a walled palace in the centre of Hue. From the outside it looked very military and is surrounded by a moat. 

Once inside though it is beautiful. There is so many pretty temples and gardens, I could have stayed here all day. 

Our time in Hue was only short but we still managed to see a lot of the town, I think two days is plenty of time to look around, go the citadel and also the markets. 

Next Stop Hanoi! 


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