After a 12 hour journey on the sleeper bus we arrived in Hanoi. (note: even though its a sleeper bus this does not mean we managed to get any sleep!) Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is right at the top of the country. The city is just as busy as Ho Chi Minh but the town is wrapped around a lake so there is a bit more scenery and a bit of serenity here.  

The first day when we arrived we had a wander around the town, waited to check into our hotel and had a mammoth nap. We then went out in the evening and the lake was illuminated which looked really pretty. 

The next day was our trip to Halong Bay. After 5 hours on the coach we finally arrived at the marina and got aboard our boat. The lunch we had was really good although the huge grilled fish in the middle of the table almost put me off for a second. 

We then began sailing around Halong Bay, theres almost 2000 islands here and they all looked breathtaking. I felt like I was back in New Zealand sailing around Milford Sound. 

After an hour or so exploring the islands we headed onto a ‘bamboo boat’ and went into one of the open top caves. I love these kinds of caves as its like entering a different world. 

The next stop was the Sung Sot Cave, nicknamed the surprise cave, and for good reason. Once your inside its insane how big the cave is. Hands down it is the best cave I’ve ever been in. Hopefully the photos do it justice so you can see how vast it is. 

Afterwards we continued sailing around and headed to one of the islands for a last stop to go onto the beach or go the the viewpoint. I opted for the beach whilst Dave took all 400 stairs to the view point, but ill take credit for the photos as its my camera, haha.


Hanoi was our last stop in Vietnam and honestly I wish we could have stayed for longer. We just stayed for 14 days so we could have the free visa but if I was to come back I would definitely opt for a longer visa as there is so much to see. 

Next Stop Laos! 


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