After a 7am wake up call and an energising smoothie to start the day, we headed onto the mini bus to go to the pier where we could get our speedboat to Koh Samet. We stopped at 10:30am for a McDonalds breakfast, well I assumed breakfast but Dave decided to have a double cheese burger. I think the heat may have got to him! 

We got on the speedboat and after a short but choppy ride we arrived on the island. We had to take a short tuktuk to the hotel as we weren’t able to be dropped off on the beach because of the waves, but it was nice to drive around the island and get a feel for it. 

When we arrived we could see why we hadn’t been able to be dropped off on the beach. The storm and waves started rolling in but it kind of added a nice atmosphere. I opted for my favourite combination again, rainy beach weather and a hot chocolate. 

In the evening we headed to the beach for a barbecue and fire show. We even got to take photos with some of the fire sticks (with me nearly setting my hair on fire) 

The beach here was really pretty, I love the bay beaches that have a few resorts, it makes you feel a world away from everyone else having your own private beach. I loved the rocks and rope swings which made for the perfect Instagram opportunity.

One of the downsides to this trip was all the litter on the beach, apparently for 2 weeks a year the current brings all the litter onto the island. It was awful seeing how much damage all the litter had been doing in the sea. The staff at the hotel were great at cleaning it all up throughout the day but I couldn’t help feel really guilty seeing all the plastic bottles and wrappers.

I would love to visit this island again when the weather is a bit calmer, but that aside I still loved this little island and it was nice to take a break from hectic backpacking for a few days. 

Next Stop back to Bangkok! 


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