First stop of the day was Jim Thompsons house, he was an American that moved to Thailand and launched a huge silk business. In 1976 he disappeared never to be seen again which  started one of the largest land searches in south east asian history. His house has now been turned into a museum, most of which has been kept the same as the day he disappeared. 

The gardens around his house were really pretty I almost felt like I was about to go and have a spa day. His house was filled with artefacts and antiques, I loved looking at all the Chinese art work mixed with the Thai architecture. Our guide was really good too explaining where most of the things in the house cam from, unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos inside but it was just as pretty inside as it was outside. 

One of the main touristy places is Khao San Road so we of course had to give it a try. It was a smaller version of the pub street we saw in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. There was a lot of stalls and restaurants but overall it wasn’t really a place I would rush back to as it was very touristy. 

Next up we visited the Golden Palace, Dave had to buy some trousers as he wasn’t let in with his shorts, so after a quick change we headed to the palace. It was free to get in which was a bonus and it had so many smaller buildings to go and see.


The area and grounds around the palace were really nice and I loved all the statues.

Next we headed to the reclining buddha. I love the temples and they all are slightly different but I think me and Dave are getting to the point where we are loosing motivation with them at least this one boasted a huge golden buddha! Luckily the Wat Pho temple was a little different to the ones we have visited before, the sculptures and monuments were covered in mosaic flowers which I really liked. 

Then there was the HUGE reclining buddha in one of the temple rooms, and when I say huge I mean massive. It was quite funny seeing everyone trying to fit it all into a photo, here are my attempts. 

After a busy day we spend a few days relaxing and exploring Bangkok, its a great city with a fast paced atmosphere and I’ve really enjoyed our time here, I cant wait to come back after we have been to Chiang Mai and Rai.  


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