Our second stop in Europe was Belgium, we were staying in Brussels but decided to have a day trip and take the train to Bruges. Now Bruges, where do I start. This is the most beautiful European town I have ever been, me and Dave are already planning our next trip back here. It was so beautiful in the summer but I cant wait to see what it would be like around the more festive times of the year. 

The walk from the train station into the town took us through a really pretty park area with bridges. Straight away I fell in love with this place but also wished we had a little more money as there was so many cafes along the water that would have been lovely to go in. 

One of the recommended photo spots in bruges was the Rozenhoedkaai viewpoint so we headed there to take some photos. This area reminded me a lot of Amsterdam just a little bit cuter.

Some of the buildings also had a bit of a Harry Potter style to them which I loved. 

I made a joke on my instagram about how I could start an instagram page for all the pink buildings I have seen on this trip and Bruges would have given me a hell of a lot of content. This one was my favourite and I’m hoping Dave will take inspiration from these for when we move out next year. 

Of course any trip to Belgium wouldn’t be complete without a huge portion of waffles. We got these from Chez Albert which is just down a road near the ‘Burg’ and I would highly recommend treating yourself if your in the town. We then headed back to the Burg square to take photos and sit on a bench to indulge in the waffles. 

The streets here were so pretty and an instagramers dream. I could have taken photos of every windowsill the with the ironwork and dainty flowers.

There is also a sculpture called the trash whale, which you guessed it is a whale made out of all blue and white trash, whats the weirdest thing you can see in the sculpture? We found a loo seat, fan and even a rocking horse. 

As we were walking back to the train station we stopped at a park area and saw some swans and this beautiful venue which had some sort of party on. It looked lovely and it was nice to just sit and chat about how much we loved this place and plan our next trip back.

I wish we could have stayed here much longer, we were originally planning on getting accommodation here but it was just too pricey for our budget. Hands down this is my favourite place we have visited in Europe (so far) 

Next Stop Disneyland! 


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