How do I even start to put this amazing 3 days into words. If any of you have already seen on social media, this was the most magical 3 days of my life and I cant wait to write a blog post all about it! 

So the first day we arrived in Paris and we were staying in a small town called Torcy. Its only a few train stops away from Disney so I high recommend staying in this area as its a lot cheaper. We had purchased a two day Disney Park ticket in advance for the next two days, so the day we arrived we just wanted to visit the Disney Village, I also needed to buy some ears. 

I did these cute space buns which I would have worn on the park days but I already had my outfit planned for tomorrow and I knew I needed some Minnie ears to go with it.

I have never actually been the Disney Village before in Paris so it was cool to go in all the shops.

We then went to planet Hollywood for tea and then got an early night ready for our big day tomorrow. 

The next day it was my birthday woo! I was so happy we managed to get to Paris just in time for my birthday and it was the most special day ever. I even went to the city hall and got myself a birthday badge (he spelt my name wrong but he dotted the i with a Mickey so I couldn’t complain)

Now no day at Disney is complete without spending at least half an hour taking photos outside the castle and today was no exception. Big shoutout and thanks to Dave for putting up with me wanting 100 photos outside. I love Disney Bounding outfits and ill be doing a whole blog post about what to wear to Disneyland in a few weeks. I just think its the one place where you can wear head to toe coordination and it not look weird. Well at least I hope I didn’t look weird. 

We managed to do so much in the day, we went on space mountain 3 times, met Minnie, Mickey and more. Went on the carousel and even got slushes and popcorn for the parade (which was eventually cancelled) but it was an amazing day. 

I even got a phone call from Mickey which I couldn’t stop laughing about, I think the guy at the counter was more excited about my birthday than I was! 

I remember saying to Dave that it had been the most perfect day and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. He said ‘well we have the fireworks to go yet’ and I said ‘well I don’t even care about the fireworks its been so amazing and perfect that I could go home now and still be happy’ … little did I know what Dave had planned for the firework show….

WE GOT ENGAGED!!! Ill save you all the soppy details but as the firework show was on Dave got down on one knee in-front of hundreds of people and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes, and after that it was all a blur. I cant even remember watching the last of the firework show or even leaving the park! So there we have it, my 26th birthday, the most magical day of my life and one I wish I could replay over and over again. 

The next day I was super tired as I couldn’t sleep the night before because of all the mental planning I was doing for my wedding! I was lying awake at 3am thinking about the colours of bridesmaids dresses. (I can say now though I’ve calmed down and my sleep pattern is back to normal haha) I think Dave may have thought he had a huge bridezilla on his hands at first! The second day we spent the most part in Hollywood studios, I love this park with all the rollercoasters and rides.

At 4 we headed back to Magic Kingdom to hopefully watch the parade, I even persuaded Dave to get us another batch of slush and popcorn. The parade was great and the best part was maleficent’s dragon breathing fire.

In the evening my friend had kindly booked us in for a meal at the Ratatouille restaurant which I couldn’t wait for as its my favourite place to eat in Disney. Dave was a bit disappointed with his ‘cold’ soup but the rest of the meal was lovely and as the restaurant was closing at the end we got to take some good photos with all the props. 

After the meal we went back to Magic Kingdom and took photos where we had been the night before for the fireworks. I took the obligatory photo of my rind and then we waited for the fireworks. This time I could actually watch the end of them without being an emotional mess haha. That being said I still started crying when the fireworks came on but I at least could remember what was going on!

And thats a wrap, a pretty hefty diary post but I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I cant wait for all the wedding planning I can share with you on my blog as well as the moving out videos too. Im so excited for the remainder of the year and my future with Dave. Okay thats enough soppiness for one blog post! 

Next Stop Paris City! 


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