One of my favourite and most visited European cities is Paris. It was one of those places I didn’t want to like in college as everyone used to go on about it but I got sucked in and fell in love with the architecture and most importantly the macaroons! 

Our first day out in Paris consisted of the main sights; Arc De Triomphe, Champs Eleyse, Notre Dame and then Avenue De New York. I loved going and seeing these again and it was funny seeing the queues of tourists all wanting the same photos. 

We then went to take photos by the Eiffel Tower, it was great going there with Dave as he has never seen it before so it was all new to him. We then got tickets to go to the top, I’ve done this three times now but you can never get sick of the amazing views from the top. 

We only found out when we arrived that the metro stations and RER were closed for maintenance so we didn’t bother getting a metro week pass and decided to walk most of it. This ended up being a really good idea as I got to see parts of Paris I hadn’t seen before because I always just get the metro even if its just for one stop. 

One of which was the area north of the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre Coeu. These streets were adorable and just like Bruges, I wish ew had more money to go and sit in the cafes and have some cake. The Sacre Coeu is somewhere I have never been before so I was in total awe of the building. The view was lovely too overlooking the city and I of course had to take a photo modelling my new ring! 

The next day we stated the day the right way with croissants and tea, we then headed to The Louvre, again somewhere I have never been before.

Now a warning, this place is HUGE! You definitely need a good few hours to have a look around, intact we were there for 4 hours and didn’t get to see half of the exhibitions that were on. We of course went to see the Mona Lisa but the organisation to view it was a little crazy and everyone was just swarmed around trying to take the perfect selfie. 

We also saw the crown jewels in the most grand golden room I have ever seen. I loved the paintings all over the ceiling and the attention to detail.

My favourite was the Ancient Egyptian sections as I find that era really interesting.   

Afterwards we went for a relaxing walk around the area opposite the Eiffel Tower. I of course had to take the compulsory step photo for instagram, I wish I had got a photo of the reality behind the photo as there was about 5 of us all lined up on the steps all taking an identical photo. I cringed but I still couldn’t stop myself from taking the photo! 

After we set up our picnic blanket and waited for the sparkle show. I have only ever seen the sparkle show in the winter when it is pitch black so it was nice to see it when the sky was a bit brighter. It was such a nice moment to just sit and watch the show and think about the amazing time we had spent over the last 8 months and talk about the future. 

Our next stop is London (if you can count that as still travelling) and we are spending 4 days there before we then get the train home. Looking back I cant believe how fast this last part of the trip has gone!

See you in the next blog post! 


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