This week flew by and before I knew it, it was Friday night and I was back in bed, the same as last week, with a tub of ice-cream!

No rest though with a 7am wakeup call on Saturday this meant only one thing.. it was time for us to go to the Crystal Maze! I love this show in the past and also the modern re boot so I was so excited when my dance teacher invited us all to go and take part for her birthday. The experience was amazing and I just felt like we were on the show. I had to do two tasks, a mental one which I wasn’t too good at and then a physical with laser Beas.. which I bossed! Haha. 

I would highly recommend going, we paid £41 and it was 100% worth the money, I now need to get 8 people together as I cant wait to go again! You can look a booking here and they have two locations, one in Manchester and one in London. Sounds like a perfect excuse to book a trip to London if you ask me! 

After the crystal maze we headed to Albert Schloss for some lunch and cocktails. I even had my first alcoholic drink in 11 months! Wooo! We had a traditional German pretzel which was so yummy I could have ate it all to myself. The lunch portions were huge so just a  heads up if your going there in the future for lunch you can probably share dishes. It also got me wishing I had visited Oktoberfest as I've see so many amazing photos and outfits on instagram. Maybe next year *hint hint Dave* 

I thought I would round this weeks diary post up with my goals for October, I didn’t get up to much else this week but I did start planning the remainder of the year and this month so here are some of my goals for this mont:

Do more photography 

I really miss taking photos every day, when we were travelling I was taking at least 50 photos a day and its a shame that I don’t live in a more picturesque area haha. But it is my goal to try and take more photos, even if they aren’t for my blog or Instagram and just as a hobby.  

Get into a better routine for my work, social life and blogging

This is a big one, I can not keep up with posting blog posts, vlogging and working full time so I'm going to have to start a bit of a routine to help me keep on top of it all.

Start my Comic Con outfit 

I’m so excited for my first ever Comic Con! There is just over 8 weeks until we go so I need to start working on my outfit. Im not going to give away any spoilers to what I'm exactly wearing but it is once upon a time themed of course

Start Scrapbooking

So we have one hoarder plus an addiction to crafting plus travelling for 9 months, that equals a hell of a lot of receipts, photos and mementos that need organising and scrapbooking in someway or another. I cant wait for pay day as im heading straight to paper chase to get a huge scrapbook to start compiling all my travel bits and bobs. 

What are your goals for October? I would love to hear them in the comments below <3 Thanks for reading!


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