My first diary of 2019! The last few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster but overall been great. I think i’m finally realising that its okay to have ups and downs as long as looking back I focus on the good things that have happened. Ive been using the dear diary before bed and its been great to journal every night and look at whats been good and bad and how I can make tomorrow a little bit better. 

Ive also been doing some major clearing out which has helped me feel more on track with my life. I donated 4 bags of clothes and cleared out some of the dreaded places in my room like under the bed and at the back of wardrobes, where I tend to think ‘hm I might need this one day’ and back it goes never to be seen or used again until the next clear out. I think because we are planning to move out the reality of having to move all this stuff into another house is kind of scary and I really want to minimise all my clutter and focus on just having a few nice things that I really appreciate. If you are into this kind of lifestyle change, you should google ‘Lagom’ as this encompasses this mind set perfectly. 

On the note of cleaning and organising, a great video series is this one By Sarah Nourse, she’s doing a 14 day ‘get your life together’ series which I’ve been following and I’ve been really seeing how much of a benefit cleaning and sorting can be. 

Last week I was super nervous but also excited as I sent my first ever wedding photos to the bride and groom. (You can see some of them here) I got some amazing feedback and I can’t wait for the next few weddings I have booked in later this year. Im thinking to try baby photography and model portfolios too and see what I enjoy the most but I’m really looking forward to really pushing my photography skills even further this year. 

So time for some food! Ive visited my friend and god daughter last week and we went for some food at Leek Bar and Grill. I had a really nice wrap and chips (Honestly, I eat wraps way too much! About 5 times a week no lie) and then stopped off at a bakery to get some cake to take home to go along with a cup of tea. Ive loved having these last two weeks off, I think I really needed to just take some time to catch up with the people I’ve missed and take it easy. We also went for a family brunch at the weekend, Dave and the girls hehe, at The Orange Tree. It was really nice to catch up with everyone however the food wasn’t out of this world and I think I much prefer Frankie and Benny’s breakfast still. I also had a mega sharing pudding (I promise I shared!) At the wayfarer a few weeks back as a late new years celebration with my friend. 

The highlight of the last few weeks has been starting a ceramics course at Valentines Clays. One of my pledges for this year is to be more creative in my spare time, something which I really missed doing when we were travelling, however, when I came home I didn’t do much creative activities at all. The first of the ten classes was last night where we learned pinch pots, slab making, coiling and my favourite.. going on the throwing wheel! This was the first time I have been on the wheel and let me tell you its much harder than it looks. Two of my pieces completely collapsed which was actually quite funny to watch. I took photos of the pieces I worked on this week and i’m so excited for next weeks session. 

So its been a weird few weeks, I've accomplished so much and got off to a really good start to the year, but I have still had those days where i haven't left by bed till about 3pm. Just got to take the rough with the smooth and keep trying to make the good days outweigh the bad days. Hope you all have a great weekend ahead and thanks for reading.


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