Why hello there stranger, it feels like its been months since I have wrote a diary post (checks, yep its been two months!) I’ve started writing so many diaries over the past few weeks but nothing has really felt that interesting to write about when it got to the end of the week. I decided to compile all my favourite bits from the last month into one Diary and now looking back its been a lovely month. Ive visited some beautiful places, tried new food and spent lots of time with family and friends and even though its been chaos at times, looking back its been great.

First up the HUGE news… We have brought a house! Woooo! Im super excited for this and I can’t wait to move in and start decorating. We officially move in the beginning of May but its safe to say I could move out tomorrow I'm so prepared. I already have everything packed waiting to go and my label maker is stocked up ready to organise. Dave wont know what’s hit him when he moves in with me, whoops! 

We had a lovely weekend a few weeks ago when we went to stay with Dave’s friends. I had never visited Stratford Upon Avon before and It was such a lovely town and somewhere I really want to go back to in the summer. We visited Bardia’s which was so magical and gave me major wedding decor inspo. Imagine all these flowers in the wedding venue, it would look amazing! I had a white chocolate from here and it took me back to my memories of having white hot chocolate when we traveled in Australia.  

We also wandered round the town and took some photos outside Shakespeare’s house. There was also this magical shop filled with Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones merchandise, which reminds me, who else cant want for the new season of GOT?! And the Urban Decay GOT makeup launch too. 

We had a lovely family meal for my Nans 80th birthday which was a great chance to see everyone again after the chaos of the last few months. She couldn’t resist posing with her new kettle too which was adorable. 

I had some great news with my blog when Select offered to work with me, this called for me and Heidi to get the camera and go on a day out to take photos. We spent the day at Aberdovey shooting and then had some lunch. We then spent time just relaxing on the beach. It was just what I needed as March had been such a chaotic month. I’m making it a rule to take the day off once a month just to escape and re charge as I felt a million times better after this day. 

Mine and Dave’s new favourite weekend spot is Rawr, we shop and then take a break here for some re fuelling. I’m obsessed with their smoothies and burgers, they also have a great vegan and veggie selection to. 

Which then brings us to this week, its been great to finally feel back in the swing of things with work, my blog and personal life. I even got to go on a work trip for two days and took full advantage of sightseeing and going to the beach. Although I did get attacked by gravel on the beach as I was watching the hover craft go from land to sea. Who’s great idea was it to stand behind the hover craft as it ‘hovers’ off …. Mine of course! 

As I said in my last diary post in January, I’m finally realising that its okay to have ups and downs as long as looking back I focus on the good things that have happened, which is so true and something I need to keep on doing. Being more present and only looking forward and back on the positive aspects of my life. 

Looking forward I’ve got some great posts coming up soon and lots to look forward to in my life. I have just finished my ceramics course so once I have collected my pieces ill be sharing some photos of that. I also did my first ever baby photo shoot so ill be sharing some tips and tricks for those kinds of shoots. Of course there will be lots of home and decor posts coming soon too with us getting our first house. Im super excited for the new direction the blog is going as my life is changing and I hope you enjoy all the new content that comes your way. 

Thanks for reading x 


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