I think I’m getting a thing for tiered floaty sleeved white dresses, this is the second one I’ve brought in the space of a few weeks. whoops.

Walking around the shops in Adelaide I saw three dresses similar to this one in pastel pink, blue and yellow. I had to talk myself into not buying them as I have literally no room in my case and probably don’t need the same dress in 4 colours.. I read so much online about how to pack less and pack lighter but its the one thing that I think is impossible for me. Thank god for Dave letting me borrow basically half of his case space.

We took these photos in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens (you can read my other blog post here) and Dave took all of these. Didn’t he do well! He is kind of secretly getting into this blog photography now and is starting to become a bit of a perfectionist. He has basically become my social media and blog mentor on this trip too, I think we make a good team!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying these posts from my travels, would love to hear any feedback you guys have so pop it in the comments or a direct message.

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead.


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