Whilst I was travelling a few things that I witnessed stuck in my mind, the main one being the amount of rubbish and waste I saw on beaches, in the sea and rivers and even in the street. The other thing was the amount of plastic everyone was using so carelessly such as straws, bags and bottles. 

I started looking online on how to be more ‘eco friendly’ and came across Zero Waste. Looking into this I realised this may be an ideal and something I would struggle to commit to fully however I thought I would come up with some simple swaps that we could all do to reduce the amount of waste we make.

I have decided to swap out 4 things every month until the end of the year to minimise the waste I produce. Lets call this a minimal waste plan instead 🙂 I hope you can join me on this journey and we can share our progress in the comments section. 






Cotton Pads - I use way too many of these every day to remove my eye makeup, you can make your own reusable cotton pads, most people call them ‘face scrubbies’. Theres a tutorial here or you can purchase pre made ones from etsy. 

Eye makeup remover - Again this is something I use every day and I used to get though about a bottle a month. Why not switch to coconut oil (in a glass jar) it works out cheaper in the long run and you can re use or recycle the glass jars after. Ive been using this for the last two months and I'm 100% converted now. 

Reusable grocery bags - Next time you go food shopping take bags with you, either plastic bags you already have or the reusable shopper bags you can get from most supermarkets. 

Waxing - instead of shaving why not go for a wax instead, its more expensive at first but in the long run you can save money.



Sandwich box - Now this is one I find a bit daunting and I don’t know why but ill see how I go. Take a sandwich box with you when you go out and if you purchase any food to take out, ask them to put it in a sandwich box you’ve brought. Again it doesn’t matter if the box you have is plastic, as long as your getting your use out of it. 

Reusable sandwich bag - You can make your own or purchase reusable sandwich bags here. These are a great alternative to sandwich bags or cling film/foil.

Body wash - Switch this out for a bar of soap, I love these ones from lush.

Face wipes - switch to face cloths and soap, I was an avid face skin care regimen junkie before I went travelling, after 6 months I ran out of most of my skin care so resorted to normal soap and a liz Earle cloth and after a few weeks my skin had not looked this good in years so this is definitely something I want to carry on doing at home. 






Tea bags - Instead of buying tea bags buy loose leaf tea instead and get a strainer. P.s my favourite tea is this one from Ringtons and why not try the sultana biscuits to go with it?! (okay they aren’t zero waste but I cant pass up to opportunity to promote biscuits) 

Plastic toothbrush - Instead of buying a plastic toothbrush have a look online for a bamboo toothbrush.

Body scrub - You can make your own body scrub with coconut oil and brown sugar, you can also use almond oil and salt for an alternative. 

Shampoo bar - Lush do a great selection of shampoo bars, I love the Godiva one! I didn’t know they were a thing until I researched them online so this was completely new to me. 







Plastic cotton buds - replace these with paper stemmed cotton buds, this is a really simple swap as they do them in most supermarkets. 

Plastic cutlery - take your own cutlery with you if you know you might be going for take out food, also you can go the extra mile and take a metal straw with you too. This pack from amazon has all sorts of sizes and even comes with a travel pouch and cleaners. 

Refillable bottle - this is a really easy one too, instead of buying drinks when your and about use a refillable bottle and take drinks with you. 

Surface wipes - I used to use baby wipes and anti bacterial wipes at least once a day to clean my house. Convert to reusable cloths and a DIY surface cleanser instead. 


  • Use what you already have, there is no need to throw away anything you already have thats plastic (thats just a waste of what you’ve already got) instead use up what you have and keep reusing until it is no longer fit for purpose. 
  • You can get some great tips from you tubers such as Jamie Kate and Madeline Olivia who have very well made videos all about zero waste.

If you have any other simple swaps be sure to leave them in the comments below for us all to try out and keep me updated on your progress.

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead!


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