So we are nearly at the end of the zero waste challenge! How are we all getting on? Ive really surprised myself at how fast I have adapted to the changes I've made, especially in my beauty routine. Its made me spent a lot less money and saved me so much time aimlessly shopping for beauty products. My skin and eczema has improved drastically and my hair and eyelashes are super long and healthy. It’s all been really positive and something I will continue to challenge myself to do more of in the new year. 

So lets start with whats gone well? I have loved using the Penguins over plastic mouth wash and soap along with the soap bag. I even got my mum to go and get a few more when she was last in town as these are now becoming items I cant live without. 

Its been about 2 months since ive used cotton wool pads or face wipes. The switch to reusable cotton pads and flannels has really been easy for me. Ive also loved taking my makeup off and then steaming my face with a hot flannel and pretending i’m at a spa for just a  few moments. Although I am impulse buying flannels like they’re about to go out of fashion so I don’t know if thats really hoping my minimal situation haha. 


The one that has saves me the most money so far has to be the switch to coconut oil as a makeup remover. By this point I would have probably brought 3 packs of face wipes and two bottles of cleanser. We are nearly at the end of the challenge and ive used 1/8 of the jar of coconut oil so a little really goes a long way. Ive used this every day to remove my makeup, and once a week as a hair mask and body moisturiser. 

Every time we have been food shopping I've made sure we took reusable shopping bags, I even took two with me when I went shopping in Manchester the other weekend. Ive also used a reusable sandwich box every day for work instead of foil. I got a thin one that stops your sandwich filling rolling around in the box and honestly I dont think I will ever go back to using foil. 

And whats gone not so well? I tried and started using a tea strainer with loose tea, this didn’t go well! The tea was too fine and was going through the strainer making my tea filled with leaves. It was also really messy to clean and I ended up having a lot of tea leaves going down the sink which probably isn’t great. If anyone has any better options for this one please let me know 🙂

And one thing that I was really excited about but i’ve barely used are the metal straws. I realised that I think I just can do without straws really and i’ve forgotten to use them most of the time and just not had a straw at all.


How has your Zero Waste Challenge gone? Be sure to comment below with how the challenge has been for you 🙂


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